Step 10
Tap on the contribution button.

Step 5
If the person that invited you to Troncase is sending you some Tron to get started, you will need to send them your Tron address.  Tap on the RECEIVE button.  On the receive screen you will see the beginning and ending digits of YOUR Tron address.

If you are next to the person sending you the Tron, they can scan the QR code.
If you aren’t near the person, clip on the “Copy to Clipboard” button (bottom left) then text or email the Tron address to them.  Or you can use the share button to text/email the address.

Step 7
Paste the link you received into the browser box.

Android users look for this app:

Join Troncase using the Klever Wallet

Step 3
Scroll down the list of coins until you see Tron.  Look for a red icon.

Tap on the red Tron logo to go to the Tron detail page.

Step 9
This is the home page of the Troncase site. 

Tap on the menu button in the top right corner of the page (3 horizontal lines).

​​​​Step 1
Install the Klever Wallet App on your Phone

Apple iOS users look for this app:

Step 4
You need to have at least 300 Tron (TRX) in your wallet to join Troncase with 100 Tron (TRX).  To PURCHASE Tron (TRX) from within the Klever wallet, scroll the buttons to the right until you see the BUY button.  Tap on the BUY button to use your debit or credit card to purchase Tron (minimum of $50).  You may need to take photos of your driver’s license to verify your information during the checkout process.  You’ll use your phone to take photos of your driver’s license, it’s a very smooth process.  Allow 20-30 minutes after checking out for the Tron to arrive in your wallet.  When you have Tron in your wallet, skip to Step 6.

Step 11
The contribution page defaults to 1000 Tron.  Tap on the amount area and change to the amount of Tron you would like to add to Troncase (minimum 100 Tron).  Leave at least 200 Tron in your wallet to cover Tron blockchain transaction fees.  For example, if you have 500 Tron in your wallet, don't contribute more than 300 Tron.  After you have updated the amount of Tron (TRX) to contribute, click on the Contribution button.  You will then get a “Confirmation Screen” from the Klever wallet.  This is a standard function when a website (Dapp) interacts with the Klever wallet.  Click “Confirm” to complete the contribution process.

Step 8
Each time you visit the Klever wallet will give you this warning. is categorized as a "High-Risk" dapp vs a game, social, marketplace or gambling app.  See for all categories of Dapps and which ones are in each category.  As of May 2021, was the #1 Tron Dapp in the High-Risk category.​

Tap on "I understand and want to continue" at the bottom of this warning to get to the site.

Step 12
Congratulations, you are now part of the Troncase community!  You should have received a "Success" message.  Tap on the X in the upper right corner of the screen then tap on Personal Wallet to track your earnings, withdraw your available withdraw balance and get your referral link to invite friends to Troncase.  Send your referral link to your friends then send them here to help them get setup.  They can use the chat function here or the
Contact form if they have any questions.

Step 2
Set up the wallet:

  • Choose “Create Wallet”  (ignore and skip over the Referral Code, if you have a link to sign-up you will use that in Step 7 below)
  • Enter & Confirm a 6 digit PIN to access the wallet each time you use it.
  • You’ll be presented with a 12 word seed.  Write these 12 words down in the correct order.  To confirm you have the 12 word seed, you’ll have to enter them on the next screen.  You won’t use the 12 word seed on a regular basis but keep it in a safe place if you need to restore your wallet on a new phone in the future.
  • This “Portfolio” page is the home screen of the Klever wallet.  This is where you’ll start after entering the 6 digit PIN to access the wallet.  The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Step 6
To join Troncase you will need a referral link.  Get the link from the person that invited you.  You always want to join with the person that invited you to Troncase so you can work together as a team.

If you found out about Troncase on your own and don’t have a referral link, you can use the following link:

You can also get this link via email by sending an email to:
When you have the link copied to the clipboard on your phone, open the Klever wallet.  From the home screen on the Klever wallet, tap on the “globe” at the bottom of the screen (2nd from the left) to get to the browser.